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Healthcare services are essential to every segment of the population. Ill or elderly people, non-drivers, those who live in areas without mass transit and people unable to use mass transit because of medical issues all may have the need for healthcare but face transportation challenges. Visiting a doctor or making other medically-related appointments suddenly becomes a point of confusion and anxiety. For those without family members or friends available for assistance, the number of options available might seem few and far between. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) is often the only available solution to these problems.

We are the Specilist

When you need transportation to a doctor’s appointment, or between medical facilities, you shouldn’t have to deal with multitude of things to get there; a courteous professional, who arrives on time, and gets you to your destination, can make all the difference.

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What is Non-Emergency Medical Transport?

Generally, NEMT is defined as a transportation service provided to individuals who are not in an emergency situation but need more assistance than a taxi service is able to provide. Often times, these services are specially equipped to transport riders in wheelchairs, stretchers or with other special needs.

If you can imagine trying to board a public bus with a cast on your leg and arm, you probably see the types of challenges some riders might face. For many, driving their own car is also out of the question. Post-surgical patients aren't allowed to drive until cleared by their healthcare provider, even if the surgery didn't involve limbs or hands. Since surgery weakens muscles needed for driving a vehicle and post-procedure pain medication may make driving illegal and unsafe, alternative arrangements need to be made. After all, getting to follow-up appointments is often crucial to recovery.

Nowadays, NEMT services are most often provided by booking travel through transportation brokers via specialized software which locates available transport providers and schedules the appropriate trip. Medicaid will sometimes pay for this type of service but not everyone has Medicaid coverage. For some, changes in their state funding has stopped covering this transportation altogether. NEMT steps in to fill the gap.

Why choose our services?

The courteous and timely transportation services that we provide will ensure that you arrive to appointments easily and conveniently.

When required to be present for seldom or regularly scheduled medical appointments, punctuality is key. Our drivers respects the time of both, the client and their medical institution, and will ensure that you are met and arrive at any facility in our operating area on or before your scheduled appointment.

In addition to our unmatched punctuality record, AGAPE provides top notch passenger comfort, safety and courtesy. If you are unable to, or no longer can drive to and from medical appointments, you can now remain independent despite any physical mobility issues.

AGAPE is the most economical and comfortable way to travel for non-emergency medical transportation passengers.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Us

Cost Savings

High standard of personal & customer service while maintaining competitive rates. Our rates are competitive and you can count on us to be there when you call.


We work hard to make all the trips comfortable, safe and enjoyable! Our service frees you from the pressure of figuring out how to get where you need to go.


Our reputation insures that you can trust our company to provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever!


Our vehicles are equipped with GPS technology to track where drivers are at all times. This helps manage risk by keep everyone on schedule and ensure a safe, timely and reliable ride.


We are dedicated to providing timely, quality service that helps clients access their life-sustaining medical treatments.

Vehicle Tracking System

Each driver has a mobile app installed on their device.  This device allows us to monitor the speeds of each vehicle, the route each driver is taking, local traffic jams which helps us avoid lengthy delays, turn by turn tracking from the moment the driver clocks-in until the driver is off-duty, and many more important features about each vehicle we use for safety and efficiency throughout the day.

our drivers

Our drivers always present a positive image for our clients through their behavior, as well as their appearance. This includes a strict, professional dress code inclusive of client-approved uniforms and ID badges. Our dress code also ensures passengers can be confident that the driver picking them up is a trusted Agape employee.

Our drivers undergo the following training and certification to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers:

  • Criminal background check

  • Pre-hire drugs and alcohol screening

  • Post-hire random drugs and alcohol testing

  • Passenger Service and Safety training (PASS)

  • Defensive driving

  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) review

Our Technology

Our State-of-the-art medical transportation software system allows us to handle and design all aspects of our dispatch, scheduling, client database and billing systems.


Using a computerized dispatch system allows us to track all of our transports up to the exact minute throughout the day.  The technology uses unique identifiers to track which stage each transport is at. This allows us to know precisely which driver will be available for our next pickup or return trip based on time and location. Every minute we can save with intelligent planning, equates to shorter wait times for all of our customers.


When we receive a request for transportation, our automated system will enter the details of the transport directly into our scheduling system. Depending on the distance, time of day, and other variables, we will determine the proper dispatch time for our driver in order to assure on-time arrival. On the day of the transport, the dispatcher coordinates with the passenger for the most accurate return time. This procedure allows us to have the shortest possible wait times for our customers when they are finished with their appointments.

Client Database

Once a customer is in our database, an individual account is established. This account is then used to set up all future trips with absolute accuracy. In addition, we update the account with special instructions (ie: pick up at side door, recent knee surgery, etc.), insurance account number (if applicable), and other specific details that our drivers need to know about each customer before we arrive for your transport. After all, the more information we have about a transport, the more prepared we can be. This translates into the best possible customer experience.


After the client is entered into the database, the trip is scheduled, and the transport is completed, the system automatically invoices the trip. Whether the trip is a private pay and an invoice needs to be mailed or a Medicaid or Insurance claim submission is needed, our customers need not worry. We will handle all aspects of billing and keep this frustrating aspect out of your hands.  When needed, we can always provide a copy of your invoice for your records.

Our Customers

Just some of the business currently using our services.

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