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Our most common trips range from, but are not limited to:

orthopedic rehabilitation


Ophthalmology APPOINTMENT

Diagnosis, screening AND  preventive services


Occupational therapy

Hospital discharges

radiation treatments

Doctor’s Appointment Transportation

We understand that getting to your doctor’s appointment can sometimes be more of a chore than it should be, especially if you aren’t independently mobile. We want to make everything easy for you. We provide personal door-to-door service to any medical facility in the city, with a polite, experienced driver to ensure your trip is pleasant and enjoyable. Once your appointment is over, we’ll be there, ready and waiting for your return trip.

Our many, highly credentialed drivers are dispersed across the regions we serve. This broad transportation web allows us to more efficiently schedule trips, cover a wider geographic area and multi-load when possible to lower costs.

Hospital & Medical Centers

We provide quality, reliable and timely patient transport to or from the most appropriate facilities by our professionals drivers resulting efficient, cost effective patient transfers.

Non-emergency medical transportation is a federally mandated service for Medicaid enrollees who have no other means of transportation to their health care provider. The service ensures that transportation is not a barrier to receiving appropriate health care for Medicaid enrollees. Living in a larger city and not being able to drive can usually mean taking public transportation.

Chemotherapy and Dialysis Sessions

Dialysis treatment is typically performed several times per week, and it lasts between three and four hours. The treatment is said to be relatively painless, but the process may cause patients to experience a drop in blood pressure and feel weak following treatment. The reduction in blood pressure can also make patients feel nauseated. Patients often need assistance returning home following dialysis treatment.

Reliable transportation is necessary to ensure that dialysis patients have access to their treatment centers, and that they have it regularly.

Our goal is to remove all medical transportation barriers, help prevent you from missing important medical appointments, and help patients with chronic disease get the treatment they need. This feeling of independence can provide a much greater sense of well-being, helping recovery and/or management of a chronic disorder.

Missed or delayed appointments can worsen health conditions and end up necessitating expensive ambulance services and costly emergency department visits

Adult Day Care and Nursing Centers

A large number of our clients are elderly. We understand that you may not move your best, or maybe your eyesight and hearing aren’t the best. We recognize that it may take a little longer for you to get around, which is why we’re here. We make sure all of our elderly clients are comfortable, without being rushed. We never want you to feel stressed getting to your destination. All of our drivers are patient and will make sure you are completely happy with the care you receive from us.

As a part of keeping you comfortable and happy, we will do everything we can do make the ride more comfortable. We’ll even let you choose the music you listen to on the way to your destination.

We want to know if you are satisfied with our services. If you have a problem with your transportation, let us know.

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What is NEMT?

NEMT or Non-Emergency Medical Transportation is a phrase typically used to describe a transportation benefit for Medicaid or Medicare members that ensures eligible patients can get to and from their medical appointments, the pharmacy, urgent care, or the hospital. Trips are non-emergency in nature, meaning there is no immediate threat to the health or life of the participant, and no elements of life support are required in the vehicle during the trip. Patients may require NEMT for a variety of reasons, including: lack of a valid driver’s license, lack of a working vehicle, geographic isolation, or the inability to take traditional transportation for physical, mental, or developmental reasons. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation exists to ensure that participants have access to routine and preventative care, increasing overall health outcomes and avoiding costly ambulance bills or emergency room visits. NEMT is especially important for those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, COPD, or asthma

NEMT includes dialysis patients, chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients, residents in need of physical therapy and nursing homes who need to be taken to and from a hospital or other medical treatment or doctor’s appointment.

Studies prove that increasing transportation access to medical services results in such significant savings that it justifies increased NEMT spending. Transportation barriers can have a “domino effect” on health outcomes and cost of care. Missed or delayed appointments can worsen health conditions and end up necessitating expensive ambulance services and costly emergency department visits. This is why NEMT has proven to be highly cost-effective.

"A strong case can be made that improved access to NEMT for transportation disadvantaged persons is cost-effective in terms of better healthcare. In some cases, this cost-effectiveness translates directly into decreases in healthcare costs that exceed the added transportation costs. In other cases, longer life expectancy or improved quality of life for those suffering from the studied conditions justifies the added costs of improved access to NEMT cost-effectiveness."

2005 Transportation Research Board Analysis

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