AGAPE Luxury, Corp.

Agape Luxury, Corp. (NEMT Management) is in the business of ensuring that we provide highly essential curb-to-curb Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services for Medicaid and Medicare recipients, for the elderly, for those who have disability and those with low incomes who have no form of transportation to access health care services when the need arises.


24/7/365 Customer Service

Our highly trained and professional Customer Service Representatives deliver passenger-focussed service that provides a friendly voice for our customers and reflects positively on our operations.
With 24/7/365 operations, we ensure our passengers can schedule their transportation services and resolve issues without interruption, no matter the day or time.


Service Areas Covered

We are available for elegible clients and medical facilities in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Far Rockaway; Staten Island, Westchester County, Suffolk and Nassau Counties (Long Island), New Jersey and Connecticut (Tri-State Area).
Our drivers are very aware of the HIPAA laws and patient privacy acts, which we take seriously during casual communication and socializing with our customers.

Transportation Services


Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The need to use a wheelchair should not limit your access to transportation. Worry no more! AGAPE is your wheelchair transport specialist. Our drivers are trained specifically in assisting clients that require the use of wheelchairs.


Large Fleet of Vehicles

Our fleet includes a variety of transportation vehicles to accommodate any requested service by our individual clients or for partnering contracts. Each vehicle must pass strict testing and safety standards in order to be suitable for client transfers.


Shuttle Bus Service

Agape is pleased to announce our new Shuttle Bus Service. We provide quality shuttle service to corporations, commercial developers, institutions/educational facilities, non-profits and medical institutions. Our shuttle drivers are well trained, and always helpful.

Common Use of our Services

Health Care Facilities

Our drivers are ready to pick you up 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to get you to where you need to go.

Doctor’s Appointment

Let us take your doctor’s appointment. Once your appointment is over, we’ll be there, ready and waiting for your return trip.

Hospital & Medical Centers

Our goal is to remove all medical transportation barriers, help prevent you from missing important medical appointments.

Adult Day Care and Nursing Centers

All of our drivers are patient and will make sure you are completely happy with the care you receive from us.

Chemotherapy and Dialysis Sessions

Reliable transportation is necessary to ensure that patients have access to their treatment centers, and that they have it regularly.

Care Physicians and Specialists

We take pride in serving each of our passengers with integrity and unbeatable personal attention.

Our Customers

Just some of the business currently using our services.


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